Friday, 27 July 2012

Nick Leaps

Nick the Raccoon. Story is really not fleshed out enough yet, but I can tell you he's a thief and his best friend is a glow worm named Tickles. He's got a love interest who is unnamed but is a pain in the arse and generally  not very nice. She's a mechanic and abhors crime - which is where our anti-hero clashes.
I was requested to draw a raccoon by a kid at school and all week I've been drawing Nick (who was working-titled Ralph at one point). Sometimes he wears a scarf, but he likes to collect umbrellas.
Trying to come up with an ethical reason for thievery is not easy. I dont really want him to fall into the Robin Hood trap. I like the idea of having a main character who's not innocent.
Expect more Nick, Tickles and Unnamed Female Character soon.

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