Sunday, 19 August 2012

Raquel 'Human Form' drawing

This took around 30 minutes total. Not too sure about it for now but will post and look at it again in the morning :)
Raquel is part of Nick's story - so her normal form is a raccoon. I drew all the main characters as humans to fully bring across the ideas of their defining features and what they would look like without the fur and big heads.
This is Raquel, not a friend of Nick's but not an enemy either.
Call her a forced acquaintance.

The 'final' one - the coloured one - isn't finished but if I dont sleep now I fear my eyes may drop out. It's like the Cintiq is poking them they hurt that much! Needs much more depth and something more interesting - still a way away!

Also planning to change her mouth back to the same as the sketch, but the fatigue monster made me play it safe. Will repaint tomorrow :)